Marius in Exile (image from wikkipedia)

Though too little is known of Marius’ early life, it is known he was born of a family well off enough, or connected well enough, to push two sons into the rabid and expensive world of Roman politics. Even if his younger brother would not reach the brass ring of Roman politics, he would at the very least enjoy the privileges associated with being the elite of the time. The brothers may not have been born into the most lavish of circumstance, but they certainly were not from the roughest of ways. Most likely of the equestrian class, second only…

Article by Lucas Lavelle

Prelude to the Fall Caesar had his Army. Loyal to him. Bought and paid for by his works, and guile, his legend, his own hand, and the hands of benefactors like Crassus who was the richest man in Rome. And the Senate was pushing their proven radical toward obscurity.

Gaius Julius Caesar was a man born of a well-off family, but certainly not of the highest brow in old Rome. A Rome where with few exceptions bloodlines determined social status. His family's celebrity had long diminished and he was someone no one saw rising to such…

April 7, 2020

Conquest for the sake of Conquest? Aesthetics?

By Lucas Lavelle

Overview of the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures: The core Hallstatt territory (HaC, 800 BC) is shown in solid yellow, the eventual area of Hallstatt influence (by 500 BC, HaD) in light yellow. The core territory of the La Tène culture (450 BC) is shown in solid green, the eventual area of La Tène influence (by 250 BC) in light green. The territories of some major Celtic tribes of the late La Tène period are labelled.

In our previous time together we discussed a migration into central Italy by a people who became referred to collectively by the Romans as Celts, and otherwise known as Gauls. This vast and diverse group ranged from smaller societies of 20,000 while seeing other contemporaries nearing 250,000 peoples. The insistence that these groupings were all the same, or at least, incredibly similar essentially ”noble savages” determined to ruin Rome, would be ginned up to stir centuries of conflict and would ultimately lead to the spoils and “glory”…

Article by Lucas Lavelle

Throughout its history politicians, statesmen, war heros, war criminals, kings and kingmakers, usurpers, and rebels all would call out to the storied past of Rome seeking affirmation or precedence to their particular claim. Just as Americans tend to look back to their founders, so too did the Romans….

“Apparition of Romulus before Proculus”, Rubens (17th c.)

Aside from the effective power of fear and order, another reason for the longevity and scope of Roman tradition is that it existed almost since inception very concerned with conserving its heritage throughout its existence. A lot of this had to do with the way Romans desired fame…

Article By Lucas Lavelle

A glimpse of ancient world diplomacy

The Roman Historian Tacitus, stated vividly and passionately that Rome, “creates desolation, and calls it peace.” But before Rome would rise to “create peace,” Rome was caught unprepared from an invasion by what it dubbed barbarians known as the Senones. The events to follow shape the Republics eventual flirtation, and then absorption with Empire. …

March 3, 2020

Yeah, that’s the best title we could do for whatever this is. Want to fight about it ? Because if we were in ancient Greece we probably would. ( this is not a real invitation to fight me, please don’t… I don’t want to be embarrassed.)

By Lucas Lavelle

March 3, 2020

A Thought Spiral… from Ancient Babylon to Ancient Greece to Mussolini, totalitarianism and cowardice.

By Lucas Lavelle

As Cyrus the great sought to rule the known world, Sargon of Akkad had come long before to do the same. From the days of the first cities, the ladder to the worlds throne had been forged in the fires of war, the future would be no different enveloped in more of the same. Though over the last hundred years we have made great strides toward finding within us at least some capacity for empathy when it comes to war…

September 13, 2019

Flat Earthers? … You gotta be kidding me right? Oh, they are not kidding… oh…ok. Sorry.

August 27, 2019

Article Written By Lucas Lavelle

Is climate change real, and if it is real… are we in danger? If so, who has ideas on how to help? If it is a hoax as some claim, what’s the purpose and who is behind this complex “conspiracy” involving the top minds in our scientific community? Who should we believe?

Coming off the hottest summer on record, following many years of what appears increasingly catastrophic global events including increased occurrences of hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, melting glaciers, disrupted food supplies, population displacements, and deadly heat stroke numbers rising throughout the world…

Our Lady Liberty

“The New Colossus,” is the name of the poem that sits at the base of our lady liberty. Historically, the poems inscription has defined a picture in the minds of many people, world round and in the country itself, of what America strives to be. This definition of ideal speaks to the great American Experiment as a whole, to put it frankly, it speaks of Liberty itself with the lady standing as a beacon of this enduring drive.

Most folks understand that the statue exists, but when asked to recall the story of its arrival on Liberty Island in New…

Cognizant Riffraff

A movement that mostly goes in circles. Imagine being lost in the woods, or being bound to the will of an oracle. Here between the madness and melancholy, us.

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